2021 Spawn Contest

  • Contest will run through August 10th, 2021
  • WorldGuard Regions will be used to manage permissions, teams, and build areas
  • Creative Mode will be enabled
  • You & Your Team (if you have one) will only be able to build inside your region
  • You can deny access to your region
  • World Edit enabled
  • Nightime will be locked. Players can use /ptime day to view their builds during day
  • Build in your own style (no theme)
  • Player voting will be used to narrow down finalist, winner will be chosen by Cache

  • New Player Education Area
  • Includes: Server History & Rules
  • Includes: Server Features & Highlights
  • Jobs Area
  • Voting Area
  • Server Shop
  • Legend Rank Promotion Area
  • Instead of playershops, we will have rentable ( 4x4 blocks high/wide) signs to promote warps, etc.
  • Staff NPCs (added on July 17th)
  • Check back and see if this list is modified as contest goes on

  • If I was NEW to the server, what would I want to see first?
  • What information would I want to read first?
  • Is there a logical direction/path for me to go, or is it up to me to explore?

  • Floating Text (using named, invisible/floating /armorstand)
  • /itemname (for naming nametags easily to apply to armorstands)
  • Invisible Item Frames /itemframe
  • New 1.17 invisible light blocks /recipe light
  • /heads (no cost to use)
  • WorldEdit
  • Sign Edit /se 1 first line
  • Sign Copy /sc

  • 12-months of Legend Rank
  • 4 Premium Add-Ons of Your Choice
  • 1,000,000 in-game coins
  • Unbreakable Fully Enchanted Netherite Armor and Tools, Enchanted as You Want!
  • Your name (and team members for teams) listed at Spawn
  • 2 Premium Add-Ons of Your Choice
  • 500,000 in-game coins
  • Fully Enchanted Netherite Armor and Tools, Enchanted as You Want!
Note: If the winner is a team, the team can decide how to divide the winnings based on individual participation, needs, etc. For example, if a team has 4 Members, each can be given Legend Rank for 3-months, or some other combination as desired.

  • 1. /warp SpawnContest
  • 2. Fly around and find where you want to build your spawn
  • 3. Use //wand to get a WorldEdit wand
  • 4. Use the "wand" to mark the two opposing corners of your square (left-click one corner and right-click other corner)
  • 5. Expand your selection up and down: //expand 200 up then also //expand 200 down
  • 6. /region create [region-name] [yourplayername]
  • 7. Add Members: /region addmember [region-name] [playername]
Note: If you don't have access to your claim, then you didn't follow instructions and will need to have your name manually added to it. Contact Cache with your region name you created.

Q: How do I move expand my region or move it to a different location altogether?

A: Simply make a new cuboid selection following the instructions in Steps 3, 4 and 5, then type /region redefine [region-name]