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Rank: Everyone

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Bat, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Donkey, Enderman, Endermite, Horse, IronGolem, Llama, Mooshroom, Mule, Ocelot, Pig, PolarBear, Rabbit, Sheep, Silverfish, Skeleton, SkeletonHorse, Snowman, Spider, Witch, Wolf, Zombie, ZombieHorse

Survive Death

Rank: Everyone

With a Totem in your inventory. Totem's can be purchased at Server Shop.

Be Expressive

Rank: Everyone

Kiss, Slap, Poke, and more! More details use /feelings

3 Survival Worlds + Live Map

Rank: Everyone

world3 (Ancient)
14,000 x 14,000 blocks
1.12 chunks
Warps: Spawn2017

world5 (Modern)
50,000 x 50,000 blocks
1.13 - 1.17 chunks
Warps: Spawn2018, Spawn2020

world6 (Post-Modern)
14,000 x 14,000 blocks
1.18+ chunks
Warps: Spawn

You keep your inventory across all three worlds.
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Creative Plots

Rank: Everyone

/warp creative
/plot claim
/plot merge
/plot home 1
/flyspeed 1|2|3
/heads (free in creative)

2013-2017 Players

Rank: Everyone

Visit the old world, your old set homes, etc.

  • Visit your web player profile on our site
  • Choose to view old set homes (if option not available, make sure you are in-game first)
  • While in-game, click on your set homes names in your browser, you will be teleported in-game to those locations.
Did you have a VIP Premium Rank? Get it back (Platinum) with link under /faq (in-game)

Note: At times the old world is not online. This usually happens after major MC updates to preserve the integrity of the old world.

Warps: Spawn2013, Spawn2014, Spawn2015, Spawn2016

Player Shops

Rank: Everyone

To create a shop, click a chest, barrel, or shulker with item you want to sell, follow command prompts.


Rank: Everyone

Warps will take you places, but you can also create your own. /warp set [warpname]


Rank: Everyone

/trade - Trade anything with other players, items, coins, exp levels, McMMO levels, Job Levels, etc. It's confusing to use, but it works!


Rank: Everyone

Staff can marry two players who wish to be married. Being married has none of the benefits of real marriage and none of the side effects of getting divorced. Players can divorce anytime.

/marry or /marry divorce


Rank: Everyone

Enhance your survival experience by ranking up McMMO Skill Levels. Want to cut down trees with a single block break? Start cutting down trees and ranking up your skills! Want more drops from blocks you mine? Mine away! So much more!


Rank: Everyone

Use /kit to see if you have access to any.

Sit Down

Rank: Everyone

Rest those tired legs. /sit or right click stairs and slabs.

Decorative Heads

Rank: Everyone

Decorate your build, get player heads, etc. The single best way to turn an average MC build into a home good enough to be on HGTV.

/heads or /heads search Santa


Rank: Everyone

Easily get back to your favorite locations, base, friends, etc. Earn more sethomes as you rank up with playtime. An unlimited sethomes add-on perk is also available.

/sethome [homename]
/home [homename]
/delhome [homename]

Land Claim

Rank: Everyone

PVP On/Off

Rank: Everyone

PVP isn't for everyone. Both players must enable PVP to be able to deal damage to other players. Be nice about it and remember, your dropped items on death are your items only. /pvp toggle


Rank: Everyone

Voting helps promote PickaxeMania on server list sites. We reward you for voting for us. You can vote on each voting site 1 time per day. You get diamonds for voting and access to Loot Crates

/vote /vshop /warp vote


Rank: Everyone

In-Game money is great to have, and you can get it by doing what you love doing. Sign-up for jobs, and earn money while you mine, dig, build, etc.

/warp jobs (for more information)

Sell Items in Hand/Inventory

Rank: Everyone

/sell (not all items have value)
/worth (see how much items in your inventory/hand are worth)

Sorting Chests/Inventory

Rank: Everyone

/sort - open GUI and enable/disable features you want


Rank: Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

/fly - like an eagle, or well... like the walking fool you are. Must have to navigate 1.18 caves! (are those things real?)

Night Vision

Rank: Icon, Add-On

/nv - See in the dark with unlimited night vision! No more torch placing just to see. Great for viewing the splender of 1.18 massive caves!

Walk Fast

Rank: Icon, Platinum, Ultimate, Add-On

/walkspeed 1|2 - It may not seem like much, but when you are moving around your base doing repetitive tasks, like sorting, or on a long walking journey, Walkfast is life changing.

Keep Inventory

Rank: Icon, Add-On

Don't drop your items when you die. Anxiety free Minecraft.

SilkTouch Spawners

Rank: Icon, Platinum, Ultimate, Add-On

Spawners drop when used with silk touch pickaxe. Place spawners as well.

Keep Exp

Rank: Icon, Add-On

Don't lose your exp when you die. Getting it is soooo hard and losing it so easy.

Unlimited SetHomes

Rank: Icon, Add-On

A must have feature for the power player!

No Limits Anvil

Rank: Icon, Ultimate, Add-On

Tired of items being too expensive to repair? With this perk, it will not be an issue.

Instant Crafting Table

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

/wb - Tired of crafting yet ANOTHER crafting table? Of course you are.

Condense Items

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Ultimate

/condense /uncondense - Simplify your mining expeditions with the these time saving commands.

Unlimited Food

Rank: Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate, Add-On

Stop looking for food. Just /feed yourself.

Item Name & Lore

Rank: Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

An easy way to name items without a name tag is to use /itemname for the item you are holding in your hand.

/itemname &b&lWorld
/itemlore 1 line one info

Instant Ender Chest

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

/ec - It's like having a second inventory with you at all times.

Colors in Books, Anvils & Signs

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

Use /colors to get a list of color and style options. To make the word "World" blue and bold, we would do "&b&lWorld" on the sign, in the book, or in the Anvil (for naming).

Fancy Armorstands

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Ultimate

/armorstand - This command deserves a page of it's own. There are SO MANY THINGS you can do with armorstands and this command, including making them invisible.

Open Inventory Shulkers

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

Shift-click the shulker in your inventory - Open Shulkers Inside Your Inventory w/o Placing. It's like having extra inventory space without the hassle.


Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

/dispose - Items like seeds can pile up in your inventory and dropping them in lava or elsewhere is easier said than done in some situations. Get rid of it quickly with the trash can.


Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

/hat - Literally, wear any item you have in your hand. A great option if you need an extra inventory slot, but really want to hold on to that single item in your inventory. Want to look like a unicorn? Wear an end rod as a hat.

Easy Painting Finder

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

Shift-Click Painting, then mouse scroll-wheel - No more repetitive click, break and pickup to find the perfect painting for your new living room.

Fancy Leather Armor

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

/dye - Allows you to easily get the exact color you want (any HEX value), including preset colors, rainbow changing, health status, and biome color.

Note: Some features you can't see yourself, but other players can see.

Elytra Speed Boost

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

Elytra flying is much faster than /fly when traveling distances. But with this Speed Boost option, you can fly even faster.

Change Weather

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

/pweather sun|rain - Forecast your own weather. Some of us don't like rain or snow in our game-play.

Teleport Your Horse

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

While riding use /home, /warp, /rtp, /tpa, etc - The worst thing in MC is riding your horse out to timbuktu, only to find yourself at a dead end and wanting to get out. Or if you were lucky enough to survive a fall with an unexpected hole in the ground.

Instant Death

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

/suicide - Not sure why you'd want to do this, but we have players who request it. Not recommended as IRL option. Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

Block Info

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

/blockinfo - Get helpful information when finding where monsters will spawn if not enough light, and if villagers have enough sky access.

Me Command

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

/me used the /me command - Outputs the image below to player chat.

Colorized Playername and/or Nick

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

View our nickname guide for more information on how to colorize your player name.

Livemap Hide/Show

Rank: Icon, Ultimate

/dynmap show|hide - A great way to hide your position on live map without being invisible.


Rank: Icon, Ultimate

/pv - Play in solitude. While you are invisible to other players on the server, this is what you look like to Staff. Kind of disturbing.


Rank: Legend, Icon

/mirror - Very powerful building command with lots of features allow you to choose how to mirror your block placements, whether in 2 directions, 4 directions, or 6 including vertically up and down. Best to play around with it in Creative.

Elytra Super Boost

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Ultimate

Coming Soon

Elytra Launch

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

Coming Soon

Elytra Speed-o-meter

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

Coming Soon

Sign Elevator

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

Make signs above/below each other vertically. Left-Click or Right-Click sign to be moved up/down a level

Compass xz Coord Pointing


MyPet Colors

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Ultimate

Sign Copy

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate


Sign Edit

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Ultimate

/se 1 &b&lWorld

Create a Double Chest Sell/Buy Shop

Rank: ?

Create a Buy Shop

Rank: ?

PlayerWarps Color Desc

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon

PlayerWarps No Expire

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon, Platinum, Ultimate

PlayerWarps Will Not Expire after 30 days if Rank Active

Invisible Item Frame

Rank: Hero, Legend, Icon


Treasure Hunt

Rank: Everyone

/warp TreasureHunt

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