Kansas City Map Introduction

Kansas City based PickaxeMania is a family friendly server that has been serving up survival and creative worlds for 10 years. We would love to have you make PickaxeMania your home for playing Minecraft. We have survival and creative worlds and provide game-play for all ages.

We are hosting the Kansas City map built by Travis Hicks (travbuildslego). He runs the Kansas City Minecrafters Facebook group, which was featured on KMBC Channel 9 News.

As he provides updates to his ever-growing build, we will put them online. It was last updated on March 25, 2023, but he continues to build more buildings with more detail. Be sure to check back for updates and join his Facebook group if you haven't already.

View the KC Map Online

You don't get to experience all the details of Union Station, Crown Center, and the Power and Light District, without visiting it in-game. However, this is a great way to see the map right now without any delay. You can zoom in/out and scroll around.

View Map

View the KC Map In-game (PC Java Version)

Step 1) Choose Multi-Player

Step 2) Choose Add Server

Step 3) Assign the Server Address to: pickaxemania.com

Step 4) Once added, connect to the server

Step 5) Once connected, open chat and type: /warp KC-UnionStation

Note: The KC Map has a view distance of 32. If your computer can't handle that and your client crashes, you will need to lower your view distance down. Likewise, if your view distance is set shorter, you will not be able to see more of the map at once, unless you increase your view distance in your video settings in Minecraft.

View the KC Map In-game (Bedrock Version)

Step 1) Choose Servers

Step 2) Scroll to bottom and choose "Add Server"

Step 3) Assign the Server Address to: pickaxemania.com (then SAVE)

Step 4) Choose PickaxeMania, then Join Server

Step 5) Once connected, open up a chat window and type: /warp KC-UnionStation

Note: PickaxeMania is a java based Minecraft server. We have plugins that allow bedrock versions to connect. Some in-game features and plugins may be limited and it may be kind of glitchy. On the iPhone version we have had to force quite Minecraft and relaunch it for it to see the server and connect.