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/rules - Read numerous pages of server rules
/faq - Discord, Web site, Twitter and Other Info

/afk - Tells players you are away from keyboard (you can still die)
/back - Takes you back to your last location
/compass [player] - Point your compass to another player
/dback - Takes you back to your last death location
/home [homename] - Go to your sethome
/ping - Gives the latency between your computer and server
/pos - Gives your XYZ coords
/removehome [homename] - Delete a sethome
/rtp - Teleports you to random location
/sethome [homename] - Set a home location
/sit - Sit anywhere. You can also right click stairs to sit.
/sorter - Sort chests and items from inventory into chest Buggy - Might return
/spawn - Takes you back to spawn
/tpa [player] - Request to teleport to player
/tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
/tpahere [player] - Request player to teleport to your location
/tpdeny - Deny a players tpa request to you
/trapped - Teleports you outside the current claim if you are trapped
/unstuck - If you are glitching in a block, use this command
/warp - Takes you to various places including Portals


/buyclaimblocks - You can buy them with in-game money or http://pickaxemania.buycraft.net
/claimexplosions - Enables or Disabled explosions in the claim you are standing
/claimslist - List all of your protections
/containertrust [player] - Give someone access to chests in your claim
/permissiontrust [player] - Give someone the ability to trust and untrust others in your claim
/subdivide - Create claims within your main claim that you can trust people to
/svis gb - Enable landclaim visualization red/green dots
/svis toggle - Toggle landclaim visualization red/green dots
/trust [player] - Allow someone to build and use chests within your claim
/trustlist - See who is trusted in your claim
/unclaim - Remove a protection you are standing in
/untrust [player] - Remove a player from your protection

Pro Tip: To trust everyone on the server replace [player] with "all". This works with all of the commands above.


/answer - To answer Quiz questions, use this command
/bal - Your current balance
/baltop - Top balance of all players
/heads search [phrase] - Search over 10,000 decorative heads
/heads - A HeadShop with blocks for decoration
/money pay [player] - Pay money to another palyer
/playershop [player] - Open a specific players shop
/playershop - Setup a playershop and view other playershops
/trade - Trade just about anything with other players
/vshop - Allows you to buy rare items. &fSee /warp vote
/warp vote - Get more info on rewards you get for voting


/ignore [player] - Ignore all pubilc chat and messages from a player
/mail clear - Clear your mail
/mail read - Read your mail
/mail send [player] - Send mail to another player if offline
/msg [player] - Send private message to player/msg
/r - Reply to last private message

/ticket - Open a staff-help ticket. Choose category, priority then create.


/list - Online players listed by ranks
/playtime - Your total playtime
/playtimetop - Top Playtimes
/profile [username] - Share info about yourself with others Removed
/rankinfo - Your Current Rank Information
/ranks - A detailed list of all ranks
/rankspay - A shortcut to Premium Rank details
/rankup - See how much longer until your
/seen [player] - See when a player was last online

/petcall - Call your pet back to you
/petcst - Choose skill for your pet
/petname [petname] - Name your pet
/petsa - Send your pet away temporarily
/petstore - Store your pet away to get a new one
/petswitch - Switch between multiple pets
/playershop - Buy a lasso/lead from other players
/vshop - Buy a lasso/lead with votes

Note: Use lasso/lead to kill pet to claim it
Pets: Bat, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Donkey, Enderman, Endermite, Horse, IronGolem, Llama, Mooshroom, Mule, Ocelot, Pig, PolarBear, Rabbit, Sheep, Silverfish, Skeleton, SkeletonHorse, Snowman, Spider, Witch, Wolf, Zombie, ZombieHorse


/warp jobs - Provides list and ranks for jobs and signup
/jobs limit - You are limited how much you can make each hour
/jobs stats - See all your job stats

/mcrank - Your McMMO Rank
/mctop - McMMO Rank List
/mctop mining - Example of listing ranks in specific areas
/mcscoreboard keep - Keep current scoreboard on your screen
/mscoreboard clear - Remove the scoreboard on your screen

McMMO WIKI: http://mcmmo.wikia.com/wiki/McMMO_Wiki

/feelings - Provides a list of expressive commands

/marry list - List of those who are married on the server
/marry - Get a list of other marriage commands

Note: Staff can marry any two players who want to get married


/flightcharge expcharge [100] - Fill up your fly ability with XP
/flightcharge moneycharge [100] - Fill up your fly ability using Coins
/flightcharge show - Shows your current flightcharge


Includes: Veteran Rank Commands
/colors - Use colors in signs, anivls, books
/dispose - Get rid of select items in your inventory
/ec - Get access to Enderchest anywhere
/feed - Feed yourself with ease
/hat - Take the item in hand and place on your head
/se [row] [text] - Edit a given line on the sign you are looking at
/wb - Open a workbench anywhere

Scroll Paintings - Shift+Click painting, scroll with mouse wheel
Open Shulker without Placing - Shift+RightClick Shulker in Inventory
Elytra Boost - While holding feather in flight, click and hold right mouse button


Includes: Veteran and Platinum Rank Commands
/armorstand - Armor Stand Editor
/condense - Condense items in inventory
/itemname - Easily name items in your hand

Elytra Super Boost - While holding feather in flight, click and hold right mouse button


/warp worlds - Gives you access to creative Portal
/flyspeed 1/2/3 - Change your flyspeed
/heads get player - Get the head of any player
/heads - All head commands Free (see shop commands for details)
/plot claim - Claim a plot you are in
/plot merge - Merge two plots together
/svis toggle - Toggle worldedit selections red/green dots
/svis we - Enable visualizations for WorldEdit selections

/ai - Takes you to Acid Island
/greenhouse - Create greenhouses in AI (http://bit.ly/2D0ZNnI)

/island - Takes you to Skyblock